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How to become Indonesian (I just did it)

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  • How to become Indonesian (I just did it)

    Hi guys,

    I have been lurking a lot on this forum, but I have never contributed to it, mainly because I didn’t have something interesting to say.

    However I would like to share with you my path from WNA to WNI, as I just became Indonesian citizen last 29 December.

    A quick background about me, I have been living Indonesia and working first, doing business later since 16 years ago.

    Since 2007 I got married to an Indonesian citizen, I change the sponsor on my Kitas from my company to my spouse back early 2013, 6 months later I converted my Kitas into Kitap and for several personal and business reasons, approx. one year ago I decided it was the time to jump.

    On 24 February 2016, I visited the local immigration office to apply for the SKIM; as many of you know, this is the real obstacle to take over and indeed it has been a pain for months.

    Meanwhile I started to collect all other required documents: a few statements to handwrite and sign, marriage certificate, birth certificate both mine and my spouse, SKCK, statement from my Embassy that I was going to renounce to my citizenship if I would have got the Indonesian one, Surat Keterangan domisili, etc.

    All of those were so easy to get and the last one was SKCK which I got in three hours on 7 March (BTW, I don’t know how I was able to get it from POLDA and not form MABES POLRI).

    SO in 2 weeks I got all I needed to apply, but the SKIM.

    I start to visit the immigration office, every 2 weeks, than every week, then more than once a week, I have been a few times to Kanwil, where they were trying to help with phone calls and visits without being successful.

    I was fed with nonsense by immigration: in fact they started to ask me the proof I was living in Indonesia since more than 5 years in a row or 10 not in a continuos way (I did belong to the second category, because they made a mistake once during all this years, so I lost the continuity) and I was lucky enough that when my passport expired 5 years ago, I asked to my embassy to returned it to me, so I did copy all kitas (nonsense because I have been in the same city with the same immigration office for all this years, so they could have just check on their files..)

    The other thing was that, even if my was not a naturalization process, but I was applying as married to an Indonesian, they kept on asking me all docs from my company (those are clearly two different and separate ways to apply) and after two months the officer told me that he flew to Jakarta to discuss my case and they told him that the way he was following was wrong and he should have just follow the Indonesian spouse path…

    So finally I got my file from Immigration to bring to Kanwil just before Idul Fitri, I brought the big envelope to them and of course they told me they would have called me after Idul Fitri.

    So they did after 2/3 weeks, I got my new, thicker envelope and I sent personally to the only person who helped me to speed up the process, an immigration officer who I know in Jakarta.

    After a couple of week (I don’t remember, sometimes in August) I got my papers back from DirJen, I went back to Immigration in my city, another week or two, then back to Kanwil - I still don’t get why one applies in office A (imm.) then goes to office B (kanwil) then office C (DirJen) then back to A, then back to B?!? - however finally I got my SKIM on 7 September, I thought I am good to go, but, guess what, SKCK expires after 6 months and 7 September was exactly 6 months…

    I went back to POLDA and ask if I could extend it or I should make a new one or what the procedure was; the answer was: you need a new one, but you have to go to MABES POLRI, we cannot do it for foreigners here.

    The officer however was very nice, he called the high-rank guy in charge for SKCK in MABES, explained all and the guy in Jakarta agreed to get all my documents scan and sent by email, issue the SKCK and sent it to me by TIKI at no cost, other than 10.000 for SKCK and 60.000 for something else and the cost he paid to tiki!!!

    On 13 September I got my SKCK and I went straight to Kanwil and officially applied to become WNI.

    They told me they would have called me for the interview and so they did and on 14 October I was sitting on a chair that I felt like a frying pan, ready to go.

    The interview was tough, as first of all it was in formal bahasa and even if I speak fluent bahasa, I am much more fluent in the local dialect.

    I went through (not necessarily in this order) Pancasila, the meanings of the 5 points, the emblema of Indonesia, Garuda and the symbolism, the constitution of Indonesia and several of its articles, the national anthem which I had to sing standing (and this was very hard because I am the worst singer of Indonesia) and what I think about our country, and about religion, and about life, and about Indonesian people and government, and how I would have contributed financially and socially after becoming Indonesian.

    They were nice and polite but I felt the weight of every single question and I felt that every of those could have two different answers, but only one would have been the right one.

    However after almost 3 hours I was out of there and I just wanted to sleep for 24 hours.

    They called me on 26 December, saying that my letter of surat kewarganegaraan was ready to be picked up, so I did a couple of days later and I was finally Indonesian!

    I hope this lines could help some of you, one of these days.

    I would be very happy to answer to your questions, I don’t have so much time on this forum, but I will do my best, also I am happy to receive your PM.

    All the best.

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    great info , well done !


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        Congrats !! and thanks for sharing first hand experience on the process. This will definitely help all those who are looking forward for become indonesian citizen. Great work !! Keep it up !!


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          Thanks for the info. Now that I understand that, I think I'll have a problem if I get grilled like you did - I can't answer a lot of those questions.
          I'm not arrogant or a know-it-all - I'm over-eager to help & not very good at writing humbly. Verify my answers!


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            How much did it cost, total?
            I'm not arrogant or a know-it-all - I'm over-eager to help & not very good at writing humbly. Verify my answers!


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              Hi ReveurGAM
              and sorry for the late reply, I don't spend enough time on this forum.
              It did cost me very small money and I just did pay the official fees.
              If I correctly remember IDR 3.055.000 for the SKIM and 2.500.000 for the application to become Indonesian.
              Other than that 10.000 the first time and less than 100.000 for the skck and a few hundreds for fotocopy and maybe 50.000 here and there, I reckon below 6.000.000.