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Car repayments, settlement

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  • Car repayments, settlement

    Hi folks
    I posted something similar a few years back & wondered if anyone had some new advice on this. I have great difficulty understanding the system in Indonesia at times.
    About 2 years ago, my wife (in a less than brilliant moment) bought a new car which is financed over 5 years. I'm currently applying for a spouse visa to get her into the UK with me. However, according to the info she has from the financier, we are bound for the next 3 years to the car payments. So, even if I can get her into the UK sooner rather than later, we have to keep paying for a car we no longer want or need. In the UK or South Africa (where I've also previously lived) there is an option to find out from the bank etc, the 'settlement amount' if wanting to sell the car.
    We are surely not the only people who have been in a similar predicament - there has to have been people who have purchased cars etc, financed by banks & decided to immigrate & needed to sell these assets.

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    I have neither experience nor information about it . I suggest you search the internet for something like : cara jual mobil masih kredit (I already checked and there are many info about , translate them with Google Translate if you feel it necessary) .


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      Thanks for that Marcus.