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Limited stay work visa and DPKK

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  • Limited stay work visa and DPKK

    Dear Friends,Will appreciate your suggestation for the below problem;

    A person working for a company with KITAS from last two years. But the employer never paid the tax of USD1200/per year for past 2 years. the person used to take EPO(exit permit only) at the end of the KITAS expiry and enter Indonesia with new work visa with the same employer sponsorship since last 2 years. Person's current KITAS will expiry in coming october '08 and the person contacted the same agency in jakarta who process his work visa for last 2 years and spoke to do the further process for new telex/work visa with same company sponshership with EPO. They told its not possible now to process new work visa telex without paying the last year and current year amount of USD2400 plus some fines to extend the work permit here.

    Is there any other process/possibilities to solve the last 2 years tax and get fresh visa with the same employer sponsorship. Your kind advice in this matter will be greatful.

    Thanks and regards,

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    If his employer didn't pay the tax, then I strongly suggest he find employment elsewhere because he's about to get screwed over thorougly, as CA already indicated, it's dodgy.
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      Originally posted by Kumar View Post
      Is there any other process/possibilities to solve the last 2 years tax and get fresh visa with the same employer sponsorship. Your kind advice in this matter will be greatful.
      Thanks to have posted the case of your friends. When you first PM me the case, I quickly read it and found it rather dodgy... But this is even worse than what I thought.
      I am afraid that it is gonna be quite difficult for your friend to get a new KITAS being sponsored by the same company.

      The process to get a work permit is the following: A company wishing to employ a foreigner has first to submit a "Rencana Penempatan Tenega Kerja Asing" which is a complete description of the foreign work force that she would like to employ. This RPTKA has to be submitted to the Manpower Dept. or to the BKPM, depending on the status of the company. If approved, the Manpower Dept should issue a TA 01 recommendation which is needed by the foreigner worker to apply for his VITAS. After getting his visa done, the foreigner worker come back to Indonesia and the Manpower deliver the IMTA to the company. Obviously the "agent" bribed someone to close the eyes about the proof of payment of the DPKK. If they also delivered the IMTA without checking that the DPKK has been paid, I do understand now why agent charge that much money for their "services". If they didn't delivered the IMTA while your friend was back from renewing his visa, then he may be at risk because it simply means that he was working without a proper (approved) work permit !
      Recently, the Indonesian government has implemented new laws about accountability of the fund perceived by the different administrations. Risk is now "bigger" for players... It may explain why the manpower department does not want to play the game again. The problem is that now, the company of your friend seems to be "blacklisted". However, since an IMTA belongs to a company and not to a worker, there is theorically no problem for him to get such IMTA (and the attached KITAS) from another registered company. But I guess that it would be a wise idea to change agent also.
      I think it is pointless to recommend to your friend's employer not to indulge in corruption this time...
      I just would like to add this: maybe your friend have no choice, but it would be much better for him to sick another job with another company. If the company get caught, he will be quarantined (Not fun. I visited and helped a fellow french a few years ago who needed a translator after being quarantined and before deportation. Not a fun place to be) and deported.
      Good luck for him anyways. Don't hesitate to let me know and I hope that anyone could help in adding more hopeful advice than mine.
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        Hi Atlantis,

        Few days ago, I just got acceptance email from a private University in Jakarta, as a lecture. After negotiating, I sent an email stating that I agree with the salary and facilities they offered and plus asking them what documents I shall provide for the working permit. We didn't have chance to talk about working permit during the skype interview but they knew that I am ex-WNI.

        For your posting above, it seems that it is the employer's task to provide or at least to facilitate his future employee a working permit, isn't it? How long does it take normally?

        Sorry, if it is kind of questions asked again and again.... I just would like to be sure about it.

        thanks in advance