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  • Online Facility for VITAS and other visas
    will accept up to 500 applications per day for matters such as Visa Approval Letter (aka Visa Telex). They say you will get an answer in 24 hours but 96 hours is more like it. I applied Sunday morning (I was #57 of the 500, and that was EARLY Sunday morning) and just got a rejection because: "rekening tabungan tidak ada".

    Does this refer to my Indonesian wife's bank account or to mine? I did not upload documents for:
    1. Data Pendukung Lainnya
    2. Rekomendasi Dari Instansi Terkait
    because I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that perorangan sponsor didn't need these. Is bank account part of #1?

    Anyway, to use this facility, have the Indonesian spouse create a login with KTP, etc. Then you apply by uploading her/his documents as well as a copy of your own passport pages. It's all clear and you can click for instructions in either English or Indonesian.

    Can anyone explain what the above 2 items are and/or which bank account info I should provide? I got the rejection at 1130 am and could not access the upload section of the web site because they already had 500 today. Must be a lot people in other time zones applying for Visa Approval letter to bring to Consulate, etc.

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    The web site indicates subsequent steps if you get an approval, including sending them Rp 50,000 so they can courier the Visa Approval letter to your house.


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      i guess the bank account refers to number 1. data pendukung lainnya, and its yours, not your indonesian sponsored.


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        [COLOR=#333333]I can confirm that the rekening tabungan should be your wife's bank account (as your [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]sponsor, she responsible to take care your living cost).
        [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]Data Pendukung Lainnya also can be your child b[/COLOR]irth certificate too if the applicant has.
        [COLOR=#333333]Rekomendasi Dari Instansi Terkait should be for those who sponsor by company, [/COLOR]institution, organization...etc


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          Thanks, Aris. So, it's not even 5 am WIB and I was #248 when I filed a new application a few minutes ago. More on the software:
          1. Don't get worried if you get a note "xxx.jpg is not a valid file" -- just choose and upload again. It will work the second or third time
          2. The nice thing about redoing the application is that the software saves all my wife's data, including her documents.

          I uploaded US marriage license + Catatan Sipil "acknowledgment of registration" (technically not a marriage license in Indonesia) for Rekomendasi Dari Instansi Terkait since that literally refers to the "connection" of sponsor and visa applicant.

          Will let you guys know in a few days how it plays out. Thanks again.


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            I agree with [email protected] (above) , except that , in some cases like in this case (wife sponsorship) , I think it can be the foreigner's bank account statement too , instead of the wife's bank account statement .


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              Well, they say they will inform me on Monday, which probably means Wednesday he-he-he.

              I'm aware that they ask for foreigner bank info for retirement visa. The wife's bank info probably isn't to prove support so much as to guarantee the dire warnings they post when you start the online process -- she must pay for deportation if necessary blah blah blah.


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                as far as i know, the retirement visa / kitas just can sponsored by a few of agent company sponsored. Please let me know if any of indonesian spouse can be as sponsored for retirement visa / kitas


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                  Originally posted by karl_marx View Post
                  (1) as far as i know, the retirement visa / kitas just can sponsored by a few of agent company sponsored.

                  (2) Please let me know if any of indonesian spouse can be as sponsored for retirement visa / kitas
                  (1) Retirement Visa/KITAS is only possible with a sponsorship of an authorized travel agency .

                  (2) I did not understand what you are talking about .

                  But if you are married with an Indonesian , a KITAS sponsored by the Indonesian spouse is a lot better/cheaper option than a Retirement KITAS .
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                    I spoke with my friend in Solo who is on a retirement KITAS sponsored by his wife. I don't know which travel agency started this con about "only possible".


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                      So, here's an update: I filed online again last Friday, uploading bank info and marriage license, so that every item named in the margin of the online application page had at least one document uploaded, with every file under 400 KB as indicated. Today, Thursday, I got this bizarre answer:

                      [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Helvetica]PEMBERITAHUAN Permohonan atas nama M... ditolak, dikarenakan ada persyaratan yang belum lengkap. Alasan penolakan : data error ttd, Kasubdit Visa ** Mohon untuk tidak me-reply email ini.

                      [/FONT][/COLOR]What KIND of data error??? This almost sounds like a software bot is sifting the online documents, but if that's true, why does it take 6 days to reply?

                      I have previously phoned the central number for Immigration given on their web site, but nobody picks up the extension that is shown for online applications.

                      Can someone PLEASE give me an extension number that a human (hopefully a knowledgable one) will actually answer? The operator never answers either.


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                        I re-applied at dawn on Hari Nyepi (last Monday) and just got an approval Permohonan via email at 850 am this morning (Thursday). My guess is that the data error on the previous attempt occurred because I had exited to Singapore while they were studying my visa stamps and their computer/human checker flagged a discrepancy between most recent border activity and most recent visa stamp. So, I simply uploaded an updated passport scan when I got home.

                        Now, I have the impression that it's possible to pay the Rp 50,000 fee for the letter/telex by bank transfer, but I don't see clear instructions. Has anyone done this, avoiding a trip to Jakarta to stand in line at a cashier simply to pay the transmission/courier fee? If so, please advise. Thanks, one and all.


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                          Fortunately for me, a former employer (back in my halcyon DINAS visa days) has an office in Jakarta and asked his office manager to process the payment for me. She did so today and hopefully the Persetujuan document corresponding to the telex authorization will be in my hands next week.

                          If you go thru the online process and receive approval, you will get two distinct versions of the "permission to get permission":
                          1. via email: a numbered Tanda Pembayaran (8 digits) with a list of 6 items that must be presented (in addition to the Tanda +fee) at Gedung Sentra Mulia.
                          2. via web download: the same number on a Tanda Terima Permohonan with an authorization date, requesting you to pay the next day but indicating in fine print that the validity of the Tanda is 7 working days. It also states that if you pay before noon, you will get the result within 2 hours. According to the office manager, they will not accept payment at all after 12 noon.

                          The list of 6 items in the email version is not exactly the full story in the case of "suami ikut istri WNI". For "rekomendasi dari instansi terkait" I sent foreign marriage cert + Catatan Sipil registration, which I had uploaded in order to get the initial approval. And I included wife's KTP and KK, but it turns out they also wanted to see a copy of wife's bank account (tabungan). NONE of these five items were indicated in the list, even though I had uploaded all of them already and the uploads crossed several categories in the online web procedure, not just "rekomendasi dari instansi terkait".
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                            back in my halcyon DINAS visa days... Interesting remark. It got me thinking about those times, let's say around 10-15 years ago. I might want to conclude that those who are still here after such a period are either still enjoying the fruits of those times, or hoping they will return. Within a one km radius of where I live there are 6 very major (and noisy) building projects - enough to rival China. Sorry to "off-key" here.


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                              DINAS visa is virtually dead. My former boss, who had close ties to USAID and some Indonesian ministries as part of his role in development, told me a few years ago that even he can't get one anymore.