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letter no impediment in US embassy

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  • letter no impediment in US embassy

    Hi.. is there anyone know how to make an appointment with US embassy in Bali for requesting the Letter No Impediment to get married? as i found in any website what i got just website to make an appointment in US embassy Jakarta and at the moment i cant leave my job here in Bali for 1 day to go to jakarta. I know the US embassy in bali is in Hayam Wuruk street, but should i go there directly or making a phone call to make an appointment? thank you so much and needed your advice asap

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    Bali has a U.S. Consular Agency not embassy. This office is attached to the Consulate General in Surabaya.. You can download the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage here, Use this link to make appointment and print out appointment letter to bring the the Consular office, Https://
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      thank you so much jave... i think i can start to process it now


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        I would search for other threads on this subject. Some countries do not issue this letter, so you'll just be chasing your tail, if this is the case.
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          Jave is correct. The do issue one and the website for the form is correct.