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2012 Minimum Wages per Province/ Upah Minimum Propinsi 2012

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      Originally posted by Shinta View Post
      I just wonder how much per cent of the population in Indonesia has contracts?, do the workers working in a small shop, warung, doing handicrafts and small business has contracts???

      Sorry, what is UMR?
      Good point, im sure most low payed workers like in sawah or construction etc wouldn't be on contracts
      where ever i am in Indo, i always go for a walk and sit down and talk with everyday locals more often poorish areas, I often talk to the young guys just finished on building sites etc, in Bali, Java, Sumatra , they always seem to get about RP 700,000 per month (about a year or two ago)

      We also put my wifes sister through Uni, she was top of the class, finished Uni, then went to get jobs in places like bank and offices, every job she went for seemed dodgy for example in Banks always want a base wage that is real low then a % on what customers you sign up for things (this was a few years ago and in central java)

      I couldn't beleive how hard it was for her to get a good job where she would get more than a juta a month, seeing she went to a good uni and got such good results, seemed pointless putting her through uni.

      Luckily she married a guy who father is high up in a electricity provider, so now she has a good job and good money.