Despite the enforcement of UU Kewarganegaraan no. 7 th 2006 about the temporary dual citizenship for mix marriages children and the enforcement of UU Keimigrasian no. 6 th 2011, some Indonesians (living abroad) still want some more from the home land. A dual citizenship as a fundament of Indonesian Citizenship.
Currently, for several times already, the idea of Dual Citizenship ( we name it DK = Dwi Kewarganegaraan) is brought back to the fore through a petition done electronically (after its cooconing or hibernating phase) during these five years. This time, a consolidation is made by Indonesians living abroad, both Europe and USA and with some intention for Asia (east, south and middle east) including South America.
The target is set already including dead line. Plus a cooperation with some other groups which have similar interest. The petition it self is opened for anyone interested in the cause.

I am interested in to having some opinion from the expatriates living in Indonesia, which I think might be useful for this effort. It is useful to also knowing the animo of expatriates living in Indonesia about the possibility of dual citizenship in Indonesia ( it will imply to property law for foreigner). I mean, how you see it as an expatriate having Indonesian citizenship and other citizenship?

Any suggestion/opinion is warmly welcome.