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Step/Procedure of getting foreign woman to married and live in Indonesia

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  • Step/Procedure of getting foreign woman to married and live in Indonesia

    Greetings all,

    I'm Leo from Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia and having problem with the procedure of bringing a malaysian woman who soon to become a wife. I've checked the forum and read about KITAS but right now I'm not married yet how could I get a KITAS?

    Is there a step-by-step procedure in this forum or somewhere else in the internet because I couldn't find one and we all know the beurocracy in Indonesia is just crazy.

    I was told to prepare a single status letter from lurah/camat and single status of the girl I'm gonna marry. The single status of the woman was obtained in PutraJaya, Malaysia.

    We then went to the civil department to register and was told that the woman's single letter was not valid and must be issued by the consulate of Malaysia in Medan. But when we went to the consulate, they told us that they do not issue the letter and said the letter was valid. We're afraid it's a dead-end and I'm here asking for help and guidance.

    Thank you in advance.
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    1. Your soon to be wife can not get a kitas before she gets married with you. If you want to bring her to Indonesia, you could sponsor her on a sosbud visa and later on after you're married convert the sosbud into a kitas. The procedure can be found here http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...oreign-husband.

    2. Read this regarding the letter of no impediment to marriage. It has lots of information you need to know before getting married in Indonesia

    3. Don't forget to get a prenuptial agreement to be able to own land in Indonesia.
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      Nickie, many thanks for your help and information. I ran through the article and..

      The following documents must be completed:

      1. Copy of passport (both partners);
      2. Copy of birth certificate (both partners);
      3. Copy of proof of legal termination of any and all previous marriage i.e. Absolute Divorce Decree (If applicable) or Death Certificate;
      4. Copy of passports of two witnesses;
      5. Six identical 4x6 cm photographs of you together with your spouse (with the groom on the right side);
      6. Letter of No Impediment stating that you are legally free to marry from Embassy in Jakarta;
      7. Indonesian Police Certificate stating that your intend to get married in Indonesia and no-crime committed before.
      In the statement no. 6, by 'you' it means the groom or bride? I assume the website is based in Jakarta, does it apply if there's embassy/consulate in Medan?

      I suspect it's Malaysia embassy in Medan ( There won't be Indonesian Embassy in Indonesia anyway?). However, upon requesting single status letter for my fiancee in Medan consulate, they told me it couldn't be done in Medan and must be settled in Malaysia, as stated in the letter I attach.

      As you can see in statement no.1, translated into english 'marital status certificate issued by the National Registration Department, Malaysia'

      My fiancee already had that. This is where the problem arise, the article mentioned on the letter of impediment must be issued in Jakarta/Indonesia while the embassy stated that it must be issued in Malaysia, and that's where the document couldn't be validated.


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        'You' means whoever is not an Indonesian citizen, be it the groom or the bride, who needs a letter from his/her embassy stating that he/she ia legally free to marry. I understand that not all embassies will release this kind of letter. What I would suggest though, bring the letter from Malaysia and ask the embassy in Medan to stamp it (even better, get a sworn translator to translate it - although Malaysian and Indonesian are similar - bring it to the embassy and get it stamped. Hopefully it will satisfy the CaPil.

        I've also heard some case where the embassy didnt want to issue this kind of letter, the groom had to make a statuary of declaration stating that he was single and get the embassy to stamp it. Please browse around on this forum to find out more about this. I'm definitely sure there are some threads discussing on how it could be a challange to get the letter of impediment. Please take benefit of the search button on the right top of the page.
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          Just to make it easier for you , here are some more references for your case :

          a) For the Visit Visa/Social Cultural - single entry (Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya , Sosbud Visa) . This is the best Visa for you future wife . With it (sponsored by you) , she can later get the KITAS (also sponsored by you after marriage , supposing you are Indonesian) without leaving Indonesia . The example is from Kuala Lumpur , but it is similar in other Embassies .


 (other Embassies)

          b) For the KITAS :

          http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...2841#post72841 , posts no. 246/247 (my case)

          c) For the marriage :
          My country's Embassy in Jakarta also does not issue any document for marriage , so I brought a notarized "Single Statement" from my country (which is an usual document in my country) . Both KUA and immigration accepted this alternate document for marriage (with my Indonesian wife) and KITAS , respectively .

          I would suggest you to go to Catatan Sipil (supposing you are not Muslim) and ask for the list of required documents for marriage with a WNA . I believe each Catatan Sipil have a small difference in the required documents . And try to convince that the document you future wife has is the legal one for marriage in Malaysia . The Malaysia Law is different from Indonesia Law and Catatan Sipil should be more flexible in accepting small differences .

          http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...ghlight=notary (prenup price : Rp500k to Rp1500k)
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            Thanks Nickie, I'll try your suggestion.

            Marcus, I'll learn about the link you gave and see how it fits my situation. Thanks a lot for your help.

            I'll come back again monday to update the result.