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paman and wm
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How many days takes to renew a Kitas ikut suami/istri?

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    Yes, clears it up, thanks again for your help.


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      You're welcome.

      Apologies to the OP. We went a bit off topic.


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        Originally posted by atlantis View Post
        If it is the first or the second extension (meaning KITAS II or KITAS III), it can be done in less than a week. It requires only the authorization of the KanWil prior to the issuance by the KanIm. For KITAS IV, V or VI it would require the authorization of KanWil+DitJenIm and therefore would take a little longer: around three weeks.

        Add two more days for the required Izin Masuk Kembali.

        Hey hold on... I thought you were an Indonesian married to a foreigner. The "Kitas ikut suami" makes me think that you are a spanish female married to an indonesian male. Am I correct ? It has some importance for the answer of a question you've asked in another thread.

        I've replied your PM.
        Sorry to jump in here, Shinta. I actually want to raise the question to Atlantis. This is with regards to kitas sponsored by indonesian spouse. For the first extension, after one year on Kitas, can one already apply for Kitab (yes, we are married for more than 2 years) or do I need to apply for a kitas extension first, then next year change it to Kitab? by the way, we're in Bali. Thanks for your help, Atlantis - I saw your detailed info about Kitas to Kitab, but am still confused. I called the visa office the other day, and they told me that the new law still needs to be implemented (and I am not talking about the work permit, just the Kitab).


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          Atlantis, it might be as well if you make it clear for the bretheren among us who have just got Kitas 1 with wife as the sponsor - what is needed to achieve getting kitas 2. you have hinted about beginning the process again at KanIm, as I would expect, and another trip to the Kantor Wilayah and back to KanIm to complete the Kitas 2 and MERPS inside a week or so. are we completing the usual Forms 23 25 26 27 or whatever they are plus the Jaminan and the Sponsor Letter? And do we have to exit Indonesia before the expiry of Kitas 1. I am confused about the latter part because if I thought, as I have the MERPS, I do not need to exit Indonesia to do Kitas 2.


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            Sorry about to bring back again this topic, but after almost one relaxing year (aduhhhhhhhhhh really nice no to be bother about visas and all these things!!!!) now I have to think about to renew my first year kitas ikut suami. So, the expire day is 14 th of April, when do you think I should start to do all the process? according to the information of Atlantis it will take aprox. only one week isnīt it? is the price the same as when we applied the first year? if I am not wrong it was around 750.000 Rp I think. Donīt ask me why I am not applying for a KITAP, I will do it as soon I come back from Europe (we will go home in June for three months after two years!!!!!!!!!! I am really happy). By the way Mrcibubur, we donīt need to exit Indonesia until the 5 years of the Kitas
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              i would like to apply kitas or kitas . anybody can advice me


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                mark8771 - not on minimal information like that. Strongly suggest you read the sticky threads at the top of this channel - they represent the accumulated wisdom and experience of users of this forum - they are placed at the top so that those new members with questions might notice them and do some research first.