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BCA ATM card in Malaysia?

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  • BCA ATM card in Malaysia?

    Someone just told me that BCA ATM cards (Paspor BCA) no longer work in Malaysia. Is this true?? Thx

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    No idea. Is BCA affiliated to any other international banks operating in Malaysia, i.e. Maybank, HSBC, etc? If it is, you shouldn't have problems. You also have to look at all those logos on the back of your card. If any of them tie up with those on Malaysian bank cards, once again you shouldn't have any problems. Best bet is to contact BCA customer service and ask them direct.

    I have just had a look at my BII card, which I have used extensively in Malaysia... the logos are ALTO, CIRRUS and MAESTRO. However, BII is affiliated with Maybank, so I don't know whether this makes a difference too.


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      As far as I understand , if a card has logos like : Visa and Plus , or MasterCard and Cirrus , it probably can be used to withdraw money from ATMs showing the same logos around the world .
      You can confirm here :

      But I found it better to get Malaysian Ringgit in an Indonesian money changer , because you don't pay : about 2% to Visa or MasterCard , plus about 1.5% for the ATM owner and sometimes 1.5% for the card issuer and a fixed fee for each withdraw .
      I believe both Plus and Cirrus have similar rates , so you can check how much fee you pay here :
      Rates change everyday at 00:00 New York's time .
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        It worked for me when I used my BCA ATM in KL. Just find ATM machine with Cirrus Logo and you can withdraw from it. If not mistaken, Maybank ATM or Niaga has Cirrus logo.


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          Many thanks guys


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            I tried using BCA atm card in malaysia the last time i was there around April this year. It didnt work.


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              It was hit and miss when I was in Malaysia. Sometimes I did have to trawl across town to find an ATM that would work, and finding somewhere that would accept BCA after midnight seemed impossible (in central KL). It was certainly doable as of June this year, but I often withdrew in bulk because I was never sure of when I'd next be within walking distance of an ATM that would accept my card.


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                Update: my Paspor BCA wouldn't work in ANY bank's ATM that I tried in KL. Not only that but BCA seem to have had the audacity to charge me Rp5000 every time I tried and was refused. I am on my way back to Indo and my local BCA branch is definitely getting a visit from me tomorrow. Fortunately, knowing how things often work out round here, I broke Malaysian currency laws and brought loads more Ringgit with me than one is supposed to so not a complete disaster.

                My employer banks with BCA so i get paid faster each month for likewise banking with the idiots, but I'm seriously thinking about setting up another basic account with an ATM card with another bank for use overseas - any recommendations?


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                  But how you know it was a BCA problem ? I had already 2 debit card's problem . The first was with my Indonesia's bank card associated to the Bersama/Alto system , in an ATM of a bank other than my bank . The ATM didn't released any money but debited the value requested . My Indonesian bank returned the money in less then one week . The second problem was with my country's bank card (Visa/Plus). The same problem , I have the requested refused , the HSBC's ATM gave me a receipt stating : "Status : canceled" , I explained to my bank but after more than 6 months I am still waiting my money back . I believe it was an error from Visa/Plus .
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                    Originally posted by marcus View Post
                    But how you know it was a BCA problem ? .
                    I don't, but having had so much hassle from the pr1cks over the years they are the primary suspect.