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    Of course all banks will make money on each customer, but that doesn't mean that all customers pay the same fees. An example is the yearly fee they like to charge for a credit card. If they like you as a customer and want to keep you, that fee can be removed. Likewise, if you keep balances in the bank that they like, they might offer a zero fee ATM card to keep you as a customer. In traveling to different countries, the Bank of American card I use has hefty fees but the other card has zero fees and when I have checked the exchange rates, there were not any games being played with the rate to add any hidden costs to my transactions.


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      Wanted to add that there are credit cards out there that do not charge extra for currency conversion. For example here's a credit card service fee comparison table from Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (federal government). If you look at the "Converting Transactions Made Outside Canada into Canadian Currency" column you'll see that it is mostly 2.5%, but there are few cards that charge less (1%, 1.8%, 2%) and in one case 0%. I'm sure there are cards like that in US and UK as well, just have to find them.

      At one point there was a bank in Canada (Citizen Bank) that didn't charge anything for overseas ATM withdrawals, which was a very nice deal, until they canned it last year.
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        Originally posted by Mas Fred View Post
        This is true. BNI ATMs have the option but BCA is in Indonesian
        U can change BCA ATM language to English via internet banking interface.