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Traffic law - translation

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  • Traffic law - translation

    Does anybody have a translation of the Indonesian Traffic law (Regulations) on a relatively new edition? Would be grateful also to have the original text in Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks a lot.

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    Google Undang-Undang Republik Indonesia nomor 22 tahun 2009 tentang lalu lintas dan angkutan jalan. That is the reference you should look for. It has replaced the old UU 14/1992.
    I doubt that there is any translation of it. Translating a text has a cost and I am not sure that there is a market to justify the expenses to do it.
    If you have a particular question, feel free to ask since I am pretty familiar with a certain number of area covered by it.


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      Thanks a lot again, Atlantis. I will certainly do, even it does not make sense here. I just had a brief look. There are all the internat. regulations, but who cares...


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        If you use google chrome it will translate for you.
        If not use google translator.
        Not perfect but it's reasonable.


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          Thanks a lot. did you try? it says always TOO lomg document. And anyway the translation is a ...


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            Sorry, me again. How does it work with CHROME? I just used Google Translator, but as said already, hopeless. On Chrome I did not find any translator. Thanks


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              On my version of Chrome, just downloaded last week, when it encounters a page in a different language other than english, the translation bar pops up asking me if I want to translate such page. If I say yes, all the words become english words. It uses the google translate engine.

              If it's too long to post in google translate, just cut and paste one paragraph at a time. It's a pain, yes. But we are living in Indonesia after all.

              Unlike the US (dunno about other countries) with seemingly limitless resources to appease their guilt over "racism", Indonesia can't afford to have forms at the Department of Motor Vehicle (or the Indonesian equivalent, obviously) be printed in all the languages of the foreigners in Indonesia. Same goes with having an english language translation of all their laws.

              Anyway, hope you can be patient and translate the laws somehow. Even better, hope you find the sections you need to look up.



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                Google chrome can be set to translate a page automatically. If the document is too long, cut and paste it in sections.


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                  Originally posted by rabbit_39 View Post
                  ... to appease their guilt over "racism", ...
                  That's an intersting theory for why government documents are printed in other languages in the U.S...


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                    Hombre :-D One of these days we'll have to discuss that. I'd be interested to know why you think government documents are translated into many languages (and in some offices, there are stand by translators) in the US. But perhaps this forum (at least this thread) isn't an appropriate place for it.


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                      In brief, because of the democratic conception of the state in which the state's raison d'etre is to serve its the people, not the other way around. On a more prosaic level, at the level of public policy, if for example a person falls ill and does not seek medical attention due to language problems, the whole society stands to lose. Pragmatism and self-interest informs making available forms and services in other languages.