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  • Mattress for back pain

    I am completely renovating my bedroom. I already bought a new bed. It is a queen sized bed with a padded headboard. I'm looking for a new mattress that goes with it.

    I've been getting body pain especially back pain due to prolonged working hours. I sleep on my back. So I'm looking for a firm mattress.

    I found this mattress online: Do you think this type of mattress will help me?
    If you have a better recommendation please share it.

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    Originally posted by lojaraine View Post
    ... I've been getting body pain especially back pain due to prolonged working hours .. So I'm looking for a firm mattress ... Do you think this type of mattress will help me? ...

    Lojaraine , I guess a specific type of mattress will not solve your back pain problem .

    I suggest you to search the internet for "back pain" and study all about it , and later to get opinions from some doctors/do some tests .

    Just to have an idea , the book "The Johns Hopkins Complete Home Guide to Symptoms & Remedies" shows 15 causes for back pain + 17 more for back pain with abdominal pain/discomfort .


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      Lojaraine you can visit IKEA. Plenty option for mattress. You can order via on line too.


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        Hi! I can advise an ultimate guide for picking best mattress suited for you, check here, personally I'm fine with Hyphen one


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          Hi Lojaraine, as for me, the harder the mattress is, the better I feel in the morning. But don't go too far


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            For back pain, I'd recommend you to look for something like this:
            Though the only way to determine if your mattress can help you would be to check it out out and about for a complete night's slumber. One person will find it a mattress to ease plenty of low back pain although one more may find it in order to get worse that.


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              The mattress doesn't always help with back pain, maybe you need to turn to chiropractic? On the other hand, I change the bedding every 7-9 years. I replaced the mattress last year, this year I want to replace the pillows and the summer blanket (the winter blanket is still good, but my favorite summer blanket began to tear). I was surprised how many new firms and models now exist. I always choose linen from natural fabrics, so I don't trust all manufacturers. I found an article with reviews of different blankets right here I like how detailed there are described reviews on the use of these blankets and materials they made of. Maybe you need to find the same article about mattresses?


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                past time i got a backpain.. now i use therapedic mattress.. it help me reduce my backpain.. i think you could give a try