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    Originally posted by waarmstrong View Post

    Could be a fashion statement as well as a practical anti-shopping aid, no?
    yeah, who knows it will be trend for next season lol..

    Originally posted by misano View Post
    Where I can find a nice "Kacamata Kuda" ? hihihi...
    not sure, try to make one! and you will be a trendsetter
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      I am not a shopaholic. I shop for my husband pride...

      Don't you all proud of yourself when you see the spark of your wife eyes after she max up your creditcard? Means you are a succesful man and your woman is happy...


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        hmmm you already have the answer.

        but actually not that bad, am not kind of lady who spent a lot of money just for one certain brand. and proud of that. its also nice to be in traditional market where we can find homemade product with the good quality.
        Originally posted by misano View Post
        Do you ever feel so guilty whenever you go to mall/stores and you buy nothing? if yes. wow.. you just the really Shopaholic baby...
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