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  • Songs for wedding ceremonial

    Dear Ladies

    Due I'm Indonesian and I'm not good at all for western gospel song's, Please give me a hand to picking up kind of popular hymn songs for my wedding that will be held at Anglican church. Really need popular/ well known gospel songs that can sing by everyone in here.

    songs list are :

    1. Entering & walking in aisle at church ( 1 song)
    2. Bible reading ( 1 song)
    3. Holly communion ( 3 songs)
    4. Bride-groom parade to entering hall for reception ( 1 song)
    5. Popular song for ballroom dance (slow - medium tempo )

    Greatly thank in advance for your help



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    hey Theresia,

    here's the list of my wedding songs :
    Groom, pastor, and family procession : Joy of Man's Desire - Bach
    Bridal march: i Finally Found Someone - Barbra Streissand
    song between the reading: Wonderful day
    After the vow, while signing the papers= All I ask of you - Phantom of the Opera
    Presentation of gifts: Wherever you go (song of Ruth) - David Haas
    Our Father - Malotte
    Communion Hymne a l'amour - Edith Piaff, In a lifetime (Clannad), Bread and Wine (Peter Gabriel) (we used all of the songs. The church was full at that time.)
    Presentation to Mary: Ave Maria - Schubert

    We didn't use any song to enter the wedding hall reception. You might want to use Wedding March. For bride and groom dance, we don't use that either. Our wedding was very relaxed.


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      Entering & walking in aisle at church ( 1 song): love changes everything ( andrew lloyd weber)
      2. Bible reading ( 1 song) : trust and obey/ i know who holds tomorrow
      3. Holly communion ( 3 songs) :amazing grace/ave maria/ the love of god/
      4. Bride-groom parade to entering hall for reception ( 1 song) : the lord will lead you and keep you / I have a love ( west side story)/ home sweet home
      5. Popular song for ballroom dance (slow - medium tempo ) : i finally found someone/all i ask of you/ i have dreamed ( the king and i) / the first time i ever saw your face/ you and i ( lady gaga) /the way you look tonite/ here there and everywhere/ i believe in you (je crois en toi)/ lucky ( jason mras.. if you want something a bit lite dance) /love is all around ( wet wet wet) /
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        your wedding songs really classic and elegant, thank you for shared


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          Gab : thank you so much Mate


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            @OP, i just remembered. one of the songs used in the wedding mass I attended this weekend,

   - Grow Old With Me, The Postal Service.

            Think you can use this for your bride and groom first dance.
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              If there will be some special time for father of the bride and the bride her self, I always love Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle for the theme song. Check this out,

              And congrats for the upcoming wedding, Theresia !
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                @alia, aawwwhhh that song always brings tears to my eyes.


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                  @Alia : Thank you