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  • Originally posted by jstar View Post
    But in fact there's nothing wrong with Hartina not posting anymore and having created a new ID with the name Tinaa. Would be different if someone posts simultaneously under different names or if they were banned.She has done a huge effort removing all her old posts btw?! Or did she?

    We have contacted her as soon as she created the handle. We did not appreciate to find it out ourselves rather than her contacting us to explain her reasons and seek for permission. However, we are OK with it and would appreciate that you guys refer to her as per her new handle. Thanks.

    I will delete references to her past handle. She has decided to delete her own past posts and there was no substantial OP in it. Therefore she didn't delete anyone's posts to my knowledge. She did delete for a while this thread, deleting contributions from other users, but it reappears.


    • SO what is the general feeling of all now then?

      Reel concern about her body or just a game?
      [COLOR=#ff0000]Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds[/COLOR]. Albert Einstein


      • the OP and her posts.....thanks for the mammeries...


        • I don't know what to make of this. In her past life in the forum she was quite open with dating another forum member (long distance), so I can't say she's not looking for another one when that guy didn't work out. On the other hand there are many Indonesian women out there with serious self confidence issues, so I can't say she's making this up either. Perhaps both are true.


          • Originally posted by icantfindid View Post
            Very interesting, who taught you this Ricky?
            Experience. It's called depression.

            Originally posted by vie - yu View Post
            where is OP ?? hang her neck ?? o ow Rick, don't give her such idea ..with such low confidence maybe after she read all our comments and realize all do not seem to run as what she expect to happen..... shud we worry now ? but second BA.. sigh....
            I don't, but her mind is going to. I was there. For me she's somebody who just wants to sell her qualities to only one potential 'buyer' who apparently shows little interest in them while ignoring others who do and perhaps can offer more than this guy. I just tell her the possible outcome out of this thought, she's free to accept or dismiss this.
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