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Aug 2020 Status of Indonesian Virus Crisis

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  • Aug 2020 Status of Indonesian Virus Crisis

    The Jakarta Post News Desk , 26 Aug 2020
    Title : Indonesia's COVID-19 testing positivity remains far above WHO standard for "new normal"

    [... The country recorded a national positivity rate average of 14%, an 0.7% increase from July ... The country's positivity rate far exceeds the World Health Organization (WHO) standard of 5% for entering the "new normal" .

    .. also .. the country had fallen far short of WHO's recommended testing rate. "WHO recommends performing one test per 1,000 population per week, meaning with a population of around 260 million people, Indonesia needs to conduct 267,700 tests per week . However, we were only able to test 95,463 people in the past week, 35.6% of the testing rate recommended by WHO ... ]
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