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COVID Fatalities in Indonesia - Old People 45%

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  • COVID Fatalities in Indonesia - Old People 45%

    The Jakarta Post , News Desk , 12 May 2020
    Title : COVID-19: Govt to allow people under 45 to work outside to prevent more layoffs

    [Indonesia's COVID-19 task force head, Doni Monardo, said on Monday that the people under the age of 45, ... would be given the green light to carry out their activities outside to make ends meet. "The young population under 45 years old are physically healthy ...," Doni said, "If they are exposed [to the coronavirus], they might not get sick because they show no symptoms."
    Those in this age group had the lowest coronavirus fatality rate with 15% , Doni said.

    Meanwhile, COVID-19 patients above 60 years of age had an alarmingly high fatality rate of 45% , followed by patients aged 46 to 59, with a fatality rate of 40% ... ]

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    When statistics about the Economy is as frequent as each 3 months.