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The U.S. Now Leads the World in Coronavirus Cases

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  • The U.S. Now Leads the World in Coronavirus Cases

    From , 26 March 2020
    The New York Times , by Donald G. McNeil Jr
    Title : The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases - Following a series of missteps, the nation is now the epicenter of the pandemic.

    [Scientists warned that the United States someday would become the country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. That moment arrived on Thursday...

    A series of missteps and lost opportunities ... : a failure to take the pandemic seriously even as it engulfed China, a deeply flawed effort to provide broad testing for the virus that left the country blind to the extent of the crisis, and a dire shortage of masks and protective gear to protect doctors and nurses on the front lines, as well as ventilators to keep the critically ill alive.

    "This could have been stopped by implementing testing and surveillance much earlier - for example, when the first imported cases were identified," said Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University in New York...

    China's autocratic government acted with ferocious intensity after the belated start, eventually shutting down swaths of the country. Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan quickly began preparing for the worst.

    The United States instead remained preoccupied with business as usual. Impeachment. Harvey Weinstein. Brexit and the Oscars...]
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