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Coronavirus , Why Was It So Hard to Believe ?

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  • Coronavirus , Why Was It So Hard to Believe ?

    From , March 2020

    Title : Why Was It So Hard to Raise the Alarm on Coronavirus?
    By David Wallace-Wells

    [... on January 20, a Harvard epidemiologist named Eric Feigl-Ding posted a long, terrifying Twitter thread ... "Holy mother of god, the new coronavirus is a *3.8!!! I really hate to be the epidemiologist who has to admit this, but we are potentially faced with... possibly an unchecked pandemic that the world has not seen since the 1918 Spanish Influenza. Let's hope it doesn't reach that level... @WHO and @CDCgov needs to declare public health emergency ASAP!" ...

    Two months later, we are, inarguably, in the midst of a global pandemic ... the question is whether, on January 20, the world as a whole should have freaked out considerably more about the coronavirus, initiating emergency planning and launching medical preparation on a war footing immediately, the answer, eight weeks later, is blindingly obvious: Yes, of course we should have ...

    Why were so few sufficiently alarmed about the threat as it emerged, and why were those raising the alarm largely dismissed or sidelined? ...

    But the experience ... suggests 2 additional .. problems. First, .. a culture of sanctimonious concern-trolling on elite social media, ... it suggests any kind of alarmism is disinformation. Second, and more important, a widespread cultural conviction that keeping your cool and trusting the political and social status quo is preferable to a radical response, any radical response ...]

    (*3.8 reproduction of a disease: how many people would be infected by a single sick person)
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    I think that "Climate Change/Global Warming" is even more important than this Coronavirus Crisis , but even so almost nobody is doing what we should .

    I guess it is a human being characteristic , unless forced , nobody is willing to make any kind of sacrifice .


    Tourism Made 8% Of Total Gas Emissions In 2013 - forecast to grow at an annual 4% , from (May 2018)

    4.4 billion passengers flew in 2018 , from , July 2019

    IATA Forecast Predicts 8.2 billion Air Travelers in 2037 , from , October 2018
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