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  • Tricare Medical Insurance

    Is there any american here who use Tricare as medical insurance?
    does Tricare can be used in Indonesia?
    thank you

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    I am not American or Tricare client , so I don't know .
    Maybe you can get the answer contacting the phone numbers stated at :

    [Indonesia Contact Information Note: Toll-free lines may not be available for all mobile phone carriers overseas.

    Customer Service Phone Numbers

    International SOS will provide 24/7 Customer Service and Support for TRICARE Overseas Beneficiary Enrollment and Provider Education/Assistance. Please use the phone numbers listed below if you require assistance with this information.

    Toll free is not an option in every location. If a toll free number is not listed below, please use our regional direct customer service number. If toll free is available and there is an access number listed below, please dial the access number prior to dialing the toll free number.

    Customer Service Regional Direct +(65)6339-2676

    Customer Service Toll Free 001803442327

    Medical Assistance

    International SOS provides 24/7 support for TRICARE Overseas Beneficiaries, when they need urgent or emergent care or request medical assistance. Medical Assistance Regional Direct +(65)6338-9277
    .................................................. ... ]

    Poster's Note : According to there is no Indonesian city with no.65 code , so that 65 means a country code : 65 is Singapore's code . (Providers in Jakarta) (problem with Tricare)
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      My colleague once mentioned Tricare, she doesn't live in indonesia but often has business trips, and i'm pretty sure she used it when she got in a small car accident