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Any Physical Activity Is Good For Your Health

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  • Any Physical Activity Is Good For Your Health

    From , Aug 2019
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Even light physical activity could reduce the risk of an early death, finds new study
    By Agence France-Presse

    [... New research .. has found more evidence to suggest that physical activity , at any intensity , could help to lower the risk of an early death, while spending too much time being sedentary could have the opposite effect.. researchers at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo .. analyzed data from eight high-quality studies which included a total of 36,383 adults aged at least 40 years and with an average age of 62... the findings may not be applicable to younger people ...

    spending a large portion of the day being sedentary, 9.5 hours or more, was associated with .. approximately 5 times more deaths .. compared with those who were most active... we should "sit less and move more and more often," ...

    Guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week. Examples of light intensity activity includes walking slowly or light tasks such as cooking or washing dishes. Moderate activity includes brisk walking, vacuuming, or mowing the lawn, and vigorous activity includes jogging and activities such as carrying heavy loads or digging...]
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    I guess my mother is a good example of the above evidence . She is now 102 years old and until she was 98 y.o. she was living alone and besides doing everything by herself (cooking/cleaning/washing cloths & ironing) except shopping , she liked to plant/grow enough vegetables/fruits/flowers (in the backyard) for herself and to give to the neighbors . She didn't like to watch TV .

    But I have to add that :
    - she was physically active all her life (we never had a domestic employee , except that at very old age my mother got a temporary one for one day each 2 weeks , up to her marriage she helped her parents in a small agriculture farm besides doing most of the works at the house and taking care of the younger siblings) ,
    - in all her life she ate all kind of vegetables in every meal ,
    - she never ate much (very little meat , eggs , no milk , no sugar added in food meals (sugar only in coffee , twice per day) , almost no sweeties , not much fruits either , very few fried food) ,
    - around the age of 90 , she started to take pills of : multivitamin/multi-minerals , omega 3 , calcium/magnesium , probiotics .
    - she has/had a not too high blood pressure which she controlled with medication ,
    - around 2 years ago she had her first (health related) surgery to remove stones from her vesicle ,
    - she gave birth to 11 children , only 1 through Caesarean section (the last one) .
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      What's her favorite beer?


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        Originally posted by waarmstrong View Post
        What's her favorite beer?

        I am almost sure beer would not be good for her health as concluded in a recent study about alcohol consumption (see : http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...hol-study-says)

        My mother never even tried any alcohol beverage , and not due to lack of opportunity because after marriage my parents started a small coffee shop which later became bigger and they started to sell beer , wine , and other stronger alcohol beverages too .

        I did try beer , wine , martini , .. when I was very young (hidden from my parents , of course) , but fortunately I didn't like . I guess what helped me dislike alcohol beverages was seeing the bad behavior of many of our customers after drinking them .
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          I always wonder what it would be like to be incorrigible.


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