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Jakartans To Lose 2.3 years Due To Pollution

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  • Jakartans To Lose 2.3 years Due To Pollution

    From , Ago 2019

    [ ... The latest Air Quality Life Index (AQLI), issued in March by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC), shows that Jakartans can expect to cut 2.3 years off their life expectancy if 2016 pollution levels are sustained over their lifetime...

    From 1998 to 2016, the country went from being one of the cleaner countries in the world to one of the 20 most polluted, as particulate air pollution concentrations increased 171 percent, the report states.

    Other than Jakarta, where the air pollution is caused mostly by vehicle gas emissions, the report also points to similar threats in several other provinces caused by forest and peatland fires, among others.

    If the current air pollution level is sustained, residents in Sumatra and Kalimantan could expect 4 years of average life expectancy loss, while residents in Ogan Komering Ilir in Palembang, South Sumatra, could expect the highest average life expectancy loss at 5.6 years... ]

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