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  • Cancer & Red Meat , Eggs

    From , 01 Aug 2019
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Can diet help cancer treatment? Study in mice offers clues
    By Sara Hussein , Agence France-Presse

    [... study, published Thursday in the journal Nature, found restricting intake of an amino acid found in red meat and eggs significantly enhanced cancer treatment in mice, slowing tumor growth.

    "These are very strong effects, and they are effects that are as strong as we would see with drugs that work," said lead researcher Jason Locasale, an associate professor at Duke University's School of Medicine.

    "What this study is showing is that there are many situations where a drug by itself doesn't work, but if you combine the drug with the diet, it works. Or the radiation therapy doesn't work well, but if you combine... with the diet, it works well," he told AFP.

    The study focused on restricting intake of the amino acid methionine, which is key to a process called one-carbon metabolism that helps cancer cells grow ...

    He (Locasale) cautioned that the results should not be extrapolated beyond the cancers tested so far, and that the research was far from being tested in humans ...]
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