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    Hi guys,
    Currently on vacation in Jakarta.. chronic pain 2 and a half years, usually would get a script of Oxycontin 30mg in the U.S. Moved to China, got Tramadol for 2 weeks every month (strict opiate law). Currently I have not been able to sleep or enjoy anything, constant pain and was wondering which doctor/hospital could provide painkillers? I went to Bandung with my girlfriend today (2 day trip) and went to a local hospital - they could only provide 32.5mg Tramadol/325mg Acetaminophen akaTramafine. If anyone could help me locate a hospital or doctor that understands chronic pain and provide actual medication. I will be here in Jkt for another 3 weeks, (been here for 3 already).
    Thanks guys,appreciate it.

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    I searched for Oxycontin @ MIMS Indonesia (medicines manufactured in Indonesia) and didn't find it . But there is Oxycodone (which may be the same thing ?) , brand names : Oxyneo , Oxynorm , and Oxynorm Injection .

    I guess you can find a doctor for this case at
    [Oxycodone is a pain reliever that is included in the group of opioid analgesic drugs. This type of drug is used to treat pain with moderate to severe severity. Generally, oxycodone is used to treat pain that appears after surgery or to relieve pain caused by cancer. This drug works in the nervous system and brain by changing the body's response to pain sensations.

    This drug is available in the form of tablets, capsules and injections. Usually doctors will prescribe oxycodone in combination with other drugs such as naloxone. Naloxone serves to help reduce one of the side effects that may be caused by oxycodone, namely constipation...]


    Oxycontin seems also legally available in Indonesia .

    [... When looking at 10 legal drugs that make the most opium, you will see that some drugs can only be obtained under certain conditions, namely through the original doctor's prescription, not a copy of the prescription, with the doctor's signature. However, some other drugs are easily obtained at stalls or markets, or pharmacies.

    If you want to learn more about legal drugs that can make opium, read this article. Here's the reverse sequence of addictive legal drugs.

    # 3: OxyContin

    OxyContin (an active ingredient containing oxycodone) is a legal opioid drug commonly prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain. This drug is also abused by people without a doctor's prescription because of its potential to cause euphoria. OxyContin is a slow-release painkiller that will not disappear until 12 hours after consumption.

    OxyContin is not prescribed on an "as needed" basis of pain. Narcotics is never prescribed for children, and paramedics who mix it with alcohol can experience accidental overdoses. OxyContin is not as strong as heroin (illegal opioids), but this is one of the most addictive legal drugs. The actual abuse of OxyContin declined from 2010 to 2012,...]

    Note : translated from Indonesian @ Google Translate