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Sugar-Cancer Direct Link , New Study Shows

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  • Sugar-Cancer Direct Link , New Study Shows

    From , 10 July 2019

    The study, carried out in France, is the first substantial piece of research to find a specific association between sugar and cancer (The study is observational, so it is not possible for the researchers to state that sugar is a cause of cancer). In the past , sugary drinks such as colas, lemonade and energy drinks have been linked to obesity, which is a cause of cancer, but the French researchers suggest there could also be other reasons sugar could trigger it... the association with cancer is just as strong with fruit juices as it is with colas... when we just look at the sugar content per 100ml, regular Coke or 100% orange juice, for instance, are quite the same...
    The data was collected through a long-running nutrition survey in France, ... involving 101,257 healthy French adults, 79% of whom were women.

    They found that a 100ml increase in sugary drink consumption was associated with an 18% increased risk of overall cancer and a 22% increased risk of breast cancer...
    Dr Graham Wheeler, a senior statistician at University College London?s cancer trials centre, said the study was large, well designed and added to the evidence of risk.

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    That's a relief ... to hear that cola is no worse than fruit juice.