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Medical costs in Bali

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  • marcus
    I don't know how it is compared with Thailand , but medical costs in Indonesia is relatively cheap*, but probably not first class . We see in the TV that many rich Indonesians used to go abroad for important medical services (mainly in Singapore) . Here in my city (Bandung) there are even representatives of hospitals from Singapore (National University Hospital , Tan Tock Seng Hospital , Mount Elizabeth Hospital , Gleneagles Hospital , Parkway East Hospital) with helicopter evacuation service on demand .

    *as an example , few years ago a doctor consultation in one of the biggest private hospital in Bandung cost Rp250'000 (around US$20 at that time) . (Health and Medical Concerns)

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...surance-cost (about insurance) (price of health insurance in Indonesia)

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...-at-65/page2 (medical at 65)

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...surance-for-70 (health insurance for 70)

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  • Yoyomama
    started a topic Medical costs in Bali

    Medical costs in Bali

    For the past 4 years I lived in Thailand I was self insured... Medicare was inexpensive. Now I've been living in Bali 5 weeks and will get me KITAS based on retirement in a few months. 

    I'm trying to understand risks and benefits here for being self insured. I am 68 years old. Premiums will not be cheap. Right? Can I buy into the national Healthcare system here? Cost?
    How much does Healthcare cost. Doctor visit in private hospital? . Motorbike accident... Abrasions... X-rays... Maybe a simple fracture? Dental care.. Filling... Root canal plus crown? What about Eastern alternative care.... Herbalists... Herbs etc... Readily available in Bali? I'm in Ubud... Capital of all things healthy. In theory. Thanks fir any help offered.