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Like Junk Food But Want to Avoid Eating It ?

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  • Like Junk Food But Want to Avoid Eating It ?

    From , 02 Feb 2019

    [... New research .. says that a long, two-minute sniff of junk food can be a way to resist the lure of actually eating it -- and lead you to make healthier food choices ... Study participants were exposed to the smells of “indulgent” foods (cookies and pizza) and “non-indulgent” foods (strawberries and apples) in a school, supermarket and laboratory.

    When participants were exposed to the smell of “indulgent” foods for longer than two minutes, they were more likely to opt for the healthier options ...

    However, 45 percent of those who were exposed to the scent of cookies for just 30 seconds said that they would choose the treat over strawberries. After two minutes of exposure to the scent, just 22 percent of participants opted for the indulgent choice ...

    Researchers from University of South Florida concluded that “encountering a cue in one sensory modality (olfaction) can compensate (or satisfy) desires related to another sensory modality (gustatory)”.

    To put it simply, if you smell something unhealthy for long enough, like pizza or cookies, your desire to indulge in it is satisfied.]