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No Safe Level of Alcohol, Study Says

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  • No Safe Level of Alcohol, Study Says

    From , Aug 2018
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Zero tolerance: No safe level of alcohol, study says
    By Marlowe Hood , Agence France-Presse

    [Even an occasional glass of wine or beer increases the risk of health problems and dying, according to a major study on drinking in 195 nations ... "There is no safe level of alcohol," said Max Griswold, a researcher at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, Washington and lead author for a consortium of more than 500 experts ...
    10 grams of alcohol, equivalent to a small beer, glass of wine or shot of spirits -- per day, for example, ups the odds of developing at least one of two dozen health problems by about 0.5%, the researchers reported ... An average of two drinks per day, for example, translated into a 7% hike in disease and injury compared to those who opt for abstinence . With five "units" of alcohol per day, the likelihood of serious consequences jumps by 37% ... The "less is better, none is best" finding jibes with the World Health Organization's long-standing position ..."The evidence shows .. and .. 2.4 billion .. people on the planet that .. consume alcohol -- need to take it seriously." ... King's College London professor Robyn Burton, who did not take part in the study, described it as "the most comprehensive estimate of the global burden of alcohol use to date"...]
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    Is this a Marijuana promotion thread?


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      Waarmstrong , the irony is that the majority of what enters in our mouth and gives us pleasure/good feelings , is not good for our health .


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        Should not your reply follow my comment?


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          I meant : alcohol , marijuana , cigarette , barbecue , sausage , fried food , sugary drinks , ... are not good for our health .

          If it still doesn't answer , please tell me what you meant .


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            No drinks nothing, be cool!