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How to Help a Depressive Friend

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  • How to Help a Depressive Friend

    Hi, I'm half dutch and half indonesian. I work and have friends in Indonesia and I wanted to help someone that is coping with really depressive thoughts... It breaks my heart. Is there an anonymous website with psychologists that she can talk to online? I know we have 113 in the Netherlands.

    Thanks in advance.
    Denk je aan aan zelfmoord? Neem contact op met 113. Crisislijn 24/7 open, therapie met een psycholoog of doe de zelfhulpcursus. Anoniem en vertrouwelijk.

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    You can try yourself talking to her. sometimes friends can help more than psychologist. You can find the best psychologist by searching it on google.


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      I agree with drsumitasofat. She needs friend to listen to her/him. Sometimes psychologist will give you anti depressant drugs that can make you addicted. So it is better if you assist her/him. There is an app or that. Try


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        The only thing I would add is that maybe as well as periodic texts to say you are still thinking of her, you could consider a small gesture - perhaps get some flowers delivered to her house? It's just a token to show that you care - even if she feels unable to talk at the moment, I'm sure she will appreciate your concern and friendship.