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Artificial Inteligency Beats Elite Doctors

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  • Artificial Inteligency Beats Elite Doctors

    from , 03 July 2018

    [AI defeats elite doctors in diagnosis competition
    ... An artificial intelligence system recorded a 2-0 victory against elite physicians in two rounds of a competition in Beijing to diagnose brain tumors and predict the expansion of brain hematomas, or bruises.
    BioMind, developed by researchers from the AI Research Centre for Neurological Disorders and Capital Medical University, made correct diagnoses in 87% of 225 cases in about 15 minutes.
    A team of 15 doctors from top hospitals across China achieved 66% accuracy in 30 minutes. The AI system also made correct predictions in 83% of brain hematoma expansion cases, outperforming the physicians, who had only 63% accuracy.
    ... It will make proposals to a doctor and help the doctor diagnose," he said. "But it will be the doctor who ultimately decides, as there are a number of factors that a machine cannot take into consideration, such as a patient's state of health and family situation." ...]

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    From the article above : "... But it will be the doctor who ultimately decides ..." .

    In my view , it is the patient and/or his/her family who should ultimately decide .

    If still lucid , I will try to learn about my illness (books , internet , ..) in order to decide myself (of course also taking the AI system result & doctors' opinion in consideration) .
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