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  • Looking for a therapist

    I feel really gloomy these past few days and I can't do much of my work. I need someone to talk to but I don't want anyone knowing it. Is online therapy almost similar to a regular office session?

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    If you are not comfortable sharing your problems with your friends or family, you can try to consult a therapist. You can choose between online and in-office therapy. But based on my mom's experience she prefer online therapy since it is more convenient for her since she can't drive anymore.


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      I have big a problem too. Let share between us. I dont know if you believe in jesus or not, but trust me, he is exist and can help anyone.

      if you consult with me, you dont need to pay, i just want to be ur friend. I used to decide want to die and drink poison but he save me still live.

      just contact me and i love to be ur good listener. I am indonesian male 34 yrs old. My wa 089609926569


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        i'm also searching for a good therapist. heloveuhuman, thanks for your proposal but i really need a therapist and not a listener. plus to that, i'm comfortable sharing any information about my health with anyone. i just need to know that that *anyone* is capable of helping me! thanks for everything!


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          See some local therapists who serve the expat community:

          Danielle Surkatty
          Member of the Organizing Committee
          Living in Indonesia, A Site for Expatriates

          Living in Indonesia Expat Forum

          [email protected]