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Epileptic seizure in Bali

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  • Epileptic seizure in Bali


    I live in Spain, but I’m trying to help my friend Kadek Muliawan who lives in Bali. His father has severe epileptic seizure at least once a month.
    They go each time to the hospital, so they have several medical tests, including CT Head (Computarized Tomography Brain), Chest x-ray, and blood test. The answer from the doctors at the moment is always the same. The tests don’t reveal any disease. Nevertheless, next month his father has a new seizure.

    I’ve been consulting the issue in Spain. My conclusions are:

    These kinds of tests are not enough to diagnose epilepsy. A MRI = magnetic resonance imaging would be necessary
    The treatment his father has been prescribed is obsolete. There are in the market (at least in Europe) medicines that are able to stop the epilepsy seizure.

    I joined this forum looking for information
    ¿Do you know a good neurologist in Bali we could trust?
    ¿Do you know any hospital on the island where they could make the MRI?
    We are looking for the cheapest way to solve the problem (national insurance) but, of course, if necessary, we could use private services.
    Any kind of help and information will be very welcome

    Thank you in advance

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    I'd suggest they consult the International SOS clinic in Denpasar -
    Danielle Surkatty
    Member of the Organizing Committee
    Living in Indonesia, A Site for Expatriates

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      Thank you very much Danielle. I'm contacting with them.