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  • Prescription Meds in Indonesia


    i am planning to travel to Indonesia soon. I have read on some sites, that you can buy certain meds (like tramadol) over the counter in Indonesia.

    Is this considered illegal or dangerous or would i be in the clear if i kept a receipt from my transaction.

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    There are many medicines with Tramadol being sold officially in Indonesia , according to MIMS Indonesia ( . So bring your doctor's prescription and buy it legally , preferably in farmacy of big hospitals . I paid just USD20 for a consultation with an Indonesian doctor in a big hospital here in Indonesia .


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      You'll find lots of good advice in this article on our sister site -
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        Thanks a lot for the information!

        I will try to get my doctors prescription.
        Just hypothetically if they would sell it to me without a prescription, that would be illegal, right?


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          I don't know . I would spend some time checking , but in this case I don't feel a good reason for it . I guess it is probably against the rule , but the government control is not very close . But be informed that by buying in a farmacy that does not ask for a prescription when necessary , you are probably risking buying fake medicine too .