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  • Referral for Ophthalmologist


    My son have been complaining recently that there is a small object in his eye and is very irritating. I normally visit SOS Cipete for general medical needs, but the last visit at SOS Cipete I was not satisfied with the Ophthalmologist.. Apparently, I had some type of eye infection and my vision was not normal and the doctor did not know what was the problem.

    Does anyone know a good Ophthalmologist in south Jakarta? Thanks in advance.

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    Go to Jakarta Eye Center or Rumah Sakit Aini. They have good opthalmologues


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      Hi Fennec Fox,

      Thanks for the recommendation for eye doctor. I bought my son to the Jakarta Eye Center Menteng and was happy with the staff, eye examining equipment and doctor; however, waiting a long time to see the doctor. Apparently, the doctor is very popular.

      Now, thinking about Lasik :0


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        You need to see a doctor; in adolescence, a change in the lens usually occurs and this can lead to myopia or hyperopia. Such vision problems will only worsen in adulthood. I believe that people pay little attention to eye health. I hope that your child doesn't have vision problems, but I recommend that you tell him that he should take breaks at work with a laptop, not watch TV for a long time, read in the right light. As a teenager, I loved to read in bed, so my vision deteriorated. I'm sorry that I didn't know about special lamps, which are necessary if you like to read in bed, this article has more information about this.