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  • Oral Surgeon in Jakarta or Singapore

    My wife needs an implant. It's not urgent, thus we are thinking of having it done when we visit next summer. I am hoping a Forum member can recommend an oral surgeon in Jakarta, or preferably in Singapore, whom we can contact to explore arrangements and determine if the costs savings would warrant the extra effort. For an extraction, implant and crown, the cost in the Midwest USA will likely be around $5,000.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Have you thought of Penang, the hospitals are very good and much cheaper than here or Singapore, plus flights are t too expensive, just a thought.


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      bangkok has good reports on quality and price compared to here or singapore


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        Here's a suggestion, but I've never used them personally so maybe google them first to check out their reputation. Their website says they have a branch in Jakarta.


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          You could try asking Stephanie Dental Clinic:

          My feeling has always been that they are just as expensive as the US - but I'm not sure how I'd know, since I haven't had dental care in the US in decades. Still, you could try calling/emailing them. We are very happy with their quality and professionalism. I've had a couple of root canals, an extraction, and a crown or two there, and my son had all of his braces-related care. No complaints, except for the fact that they seem to be expensive.


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            Thanks everyone. I was thinking of Singapore mainly because we can easily arrange transit through there but will see what I can find in Penang and Bangkok. Who knows? Closer to home, we will, as well check out Stephanie & Bali911's Jakarta branch.


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              I am in the process of getting an implant. I am using Pondok Indah hospital in Purih Indah.

              Its a fairly new hospital and the oral surgeon and the dentist who fits the final tooth are both excellent. I am expecting the total to be around $3,000. However mine was not a simple process.

              It would be worth contacting them. So far I have no complaints and have been very satisfied with the service.
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                Hi Waarmstrong,

                For dental I am using Drg Sintha, Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 16, Kemang - Cilandak, T: 021-7651514 or 021-63871547 or email: [email protected]
                The only reason I am using her is because of her careful treatment, to ensure minimum pain. And for me, this is the most important reason for choosing a dentist

                For implant, she said is around Rp 17 mio because the material must be made in Singapore.
                For crown - mine is Rp 4 mio.