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Organic Skin, Hair, Body Care and Makeup Store in Indonesia

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  • Organic Skin, Hair, Body Care and Makeup Store in Indonesia

    [COLOR=#333333]Dear All,[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]I understand how frustrating it is to find high quality eco-friendly beauty products in our city. [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#333333]After 4 years of practicing and advocating clean and healthy eating to my family and friends, I decided to start a new project, [/COLOR] - an on-line [COLOR=#417394]organic[/COLOR] beauty care that sells very high performing and safe hair care, skin care, body care and makeup line for you when you want to upgrade/transition from clean-eating to clean beauty.
    It's free delivery for orders over Rp 200k to all over Indonesia.

    Thank you and warm regards,

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    Do you mix up the stuff in your garage?


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      Originally posted by waarmstrong View Post
      Do you mix up the stuff in your garage?
      We are the official stockists of ALL the brands we carry: Kahina Giving Beauty (Skin care), Suntegrity (Sunblock), Studio 78 Paris (Makeup), Cantika (Shampoo), and dr. Bronner's (liquid body cleansers).

      Kindly visit our online store at

      Kind regards,
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        No thanks. I am not a connoisseur of branded stuff, especially where chemically identical products are offered for far less sans the catchy label and/or celebrity endorsement.


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          interesting but too pricey for me lol..
          i think i prefer the stuff that people mix in garage, such as this one
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            Originally my hair very curly and stiff. I can manage it only like these:


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              I always prefer to use natural products that do not contain much chemicals. My skin is very sensitive and this is the reason that i go through the details of the products first and they make a purchase when satisfied.


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                  Kami adalah Penggiat Produk Kefir yang bernama CARYS. Kami menjual beraneka macam produk Kefir, Susu Kefir kambing etawa, Susu Kefir Sapi, Masker Kefir etawa, Masker Kefir Sapi, Toner Kefir, Cream Kefir mulai dari Day Cream, Cream Pagi, Cream Siang, Cream Malam Kefir, Susu Kambing Etawa murni. Kami menjual Produk Kefir yang berkualitas dan aman bagi konsumen. Kepuasan pelanggan adalah prioritas kami.

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