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Can you buy 'morning after pill' in any pharm in Jakarta?

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  • Can you buy 'morning after pill' in any pharm in Jakarta?

    For example, can one go into the pharmacy in the lower level of Grand Indonesia mall and purchase the morning after pill (or plan B, whatever its called). or does it need to be prescribed by a dr. ?

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    The Postinor-2 was by prescription only.
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      'morning after pill' isn't common, but what I can suggest, never go with an online shop.
      Or, you can go with the emergency plan
      Take 4 pills at one time, within 24 hrs after an intercourse, and the next day continue with your normal daily dosage..

      Source: a gyneacologist
      [SIZE=5]"[/SIZE]The idea of emergency contraception —-or a morning-after pill—- is based on a theory. Under this theory, if a woman has unprotected sexual intercourse (without use of contraception, contraception failure or cases of rape) and fears she may become pregnant, she can take large doses of birth control pills to prevent a pregnancy. Emergency contraception, essentially, is a high dosage of the birth control pill. It is recommended for use after sexual intercourse, over a period of 72 hours, to achieve the goal of preventing pregnancy[SIZE=5]"[/SIZE]

      This suggestion is not made by a professional, only by the sake of experience, side-effects from consuming high dosage of birth control pills might be various.
      Please contact your doctor for further details.


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        Have you tried a pharmacy?
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          Yes Grind, only GP or clinic doctors can prescribe.

          EC pills have always been big issue in RI. Luckily were endorsed some years ago by the Muhammadiyah.

          Good luck.
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            Don't know about Jakarta but in Bali all of the Kimia Farma apoteks carry them and no prescription is required. Price is 17k. Even if they won't sell it to you without a prescription you should still be able to meet with a doctor there, explain the situation and get the prescription.


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              I do not recall there is any of this kind of pill sold in Indonesia. Is it available now? But I do know that there is a pill that can help you with your period if you are late. Is it the same one?


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                These EC (Emergency Contraception) pills need to be taken within 5 days of intercourse. And Postinor even 3 days max. When you're 'late', it's probably already too I guess you're talking about a real abortion pill, like Mifeprex.
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                  So EC pills and Postinor are available in Jakarta, but only by prescription, yes?


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                    Available in Bali over the counter should be available in Jakarta as well.


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                      I am told you have to show ID to prove that you are married otherwise you are not allowed it. In bali it is common because so many bule. But here it depends on who you encounter. I'm sure a usual problem solver in Jakarta would make them give it to you (if you know what I mean).