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For women: I need advice on giving birth in Jakarta Utara.

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  • For women: I need advice on giving birth in Jakarta Utara.

    I have read the other posts where people are talking about whether to have their children in Indonesia or another country. Well, my husband and I just found out we will be parents in Sept InshaAllah. Can you please tell me the details of giving birth in Indonesia? For example, what should I expect? ( Do they push for all natural births or c sections? What do they use for pain management, etc..)Also, my mother in law said that there are two kinds of hospitals, the public one (which would be cheaper) or the private hospital (which is what she opted for during all of her deliveries). Can you please tell me some of the differences in care/pros and cons? Also, do I have anything interesting to watch out for? Oh yeah, I am American, and of course, suamiku is Indonesian.
    We are currently living in South Korea, and I have read up on having the baby here. However, the biggest downfalls in Korea are that they're not so clean about blood and communicable diseases and washing their hands. Also, in Korea, the daddy can't see the baby for about a week after its born. I'm hoping to have a better experience by getting myself to Indonesia in time for our little one Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks! Assalaamualaikum

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    Wa'alaikum salam Holifa, welcome to the Forum and congratulations on your pregnancy and impending parenthood.

    I have two girls of my own and delivered them both by cesarean. Its not that I wanted to, but both of them had some trouble with the cord blood surrounded their necks before the labor and the best were to do the surgery instead of normal way. I always wanted to do it in normal way but cant say the least at that time.

    If you choose to give birth here in Indonesia, private hospital I think would be better option, more to the ones that specialized in labor and mother and kids care.

    The hospital here usually will offer the husband if he wants to be there in the labor room during the process. And right after that you can hold your baby and give him/her your first touch and kiss. It was the wonderful best thing to me at the first time too.

    The hospital will also taking care the 'ari-ari' and will give it to the parents to do what the culture here usually do. I don't know about your husband's family and what he plans to do with it, but usually the father will take it home in the clay's jar, wash it at home, and bury it in the yard with a dim light for some period of time. This will bring you to another question later on about the culture, I think.

    I'll get back to you later.
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      Hello Holifa,

      First of all, please allow me to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Although I haven't been a parent myself, I can understand how much joy a pregnancy could bring into life, therefore I would like to share my little knowledge regarding the medical services in Indonesia

      Choose a hospital which is closest to where you live. The quality of a hospital may depend on the medical services, medical team, facilities, administration and management, etc. Private hospitals usually are more expensive with better services and designed for your convenience. As Alia said, hospitals specialised in mothers and children might be good options.

      Most doctors I know do not normally push people for c sections, they only perform it if a natural birth would put the baby's or mother's life or health at risk. Some doctors would offer you elective caesarean (chosen by the mother, and not out of medical necessity. This can be an option to alleviate anxiety). Be careful with the doctors who suggest you to do c section without explaining why it has to be performed. Make sure he explain the reasons behind it and what are the risks involved. If you still have time I would suggest you to get a second opinion.

      Pain management
      A good hospital/doctor will give you information of what kind of pain management you can do/they offer whether it involves drugs or not. Potential parents need to be educated on what the benefits and the potential risks are. When women are well informed, they will consider the information, along with other factors such as their fears, self-perceptions, their goals for their birth experiences to finally be able to make the most suitable decision. Some of the hospitals also offer prenatal classes

      -If you happen to choose a public hospital, beware of the medical students. Some public hospitals would let the medical students to practise on you. You can always refuse if you do not wish them to do so. If you do not mind, make sure they have supervisor to watch them.
      -Always ask if you don't understand or require more information. In Indonesia sometimes doctors give medication/treatment without any explanation and just expect that you will do what they say. They are not used to people asking them.

      I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
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        Wa'alaikum salam sis

        MAbrouk to you and your husband.

        I am also expecting this September...our fourth child and the first to be (inshaAllah) born in Indonesia...all my other kids and myself are Australian. I am actually really nervous about it...but on the other hand have had experience with my other three so I know what to expect in terms of labour (you can never expect anything to go to plan actually).

        I have discussed labour and all that with my in laws for each of their births, and from what I gather, the mother to be is not as in charge of her own body as you would be like in Australia for example. For their births, they were all laying on their backs with their legs in stirrups and endured the pain of the contractions in this position! InshaAllah I am really hoping to be in control of my own body (empower yourself!)...I was able to walk around as much as I could during contractions with my previous births which definitely helped (gravity...derrr!).

        As for pros and cons on where to choose...make sure you have a great doctor who supports the mother and her choices as much as possible. Outline all your preferences during labour in order to make things as comfortable as possible as you would probably do in America. Check out birthplans online for an idea of what you might like (inshaAllah to come your way). I have yet to choose a hospital...but will be searching in two months time. I went to three different ob/gyns and found one who gives me answers that I like and has a great personality (like I can get along with this woman and would like her help when necessary). I am probably going to choose a private women's hospital as it is smaller and more controlled than other places (I don't like the clinical feel of most hospitals). I have seen that there is a predominantly female staff and you can probably be more in control with women who may have experienced what you're going through (and more thorough possibly). Costwise, it'll probably be more...and of course the costs will increase depending on what level of room you choose.

        From what I gather, pain management is similar to what you'd get in your home country (one of my in laws had epidural and that went fine...the others just used gas I think). If you choose a private hospital you may get to choose things like waterbirths and having your own bathroom, warm showers help a lot also. I know some women like using gymballs for rocking during contractions...but if the hospital doesn't provide it you can buy your own.

        Good luck with everything! Peace.

        PS: As for the afterbirth or a Muslim myself, the most appropriate way to discard it is to bury it and that's rituals necessary. It is to be thought of as a part of the body like hair, nails or even if a body part is removed...religion over culture I say

        If it interests you check this out:
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          There are many doctors and hospitals in Jakarta you should try out first, preferably nearby your residence. But checkout this link below (from someone who has had childbirth in Jakarta):



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            My Indonesian wife gave birth normal delivery to our Son on 26 March at the local Clinic here in Cibubur. We opted out of the Hospital because at end of the day, the Hospital is just one rip off. The local Clinic with choice of Midwife and Doctor is far far better but you should shop around for one where you can have your level of comfort and good rapport with the midwife, important. Dont pay extortionate prices at the Hospital and dont believe old wives tales about ancient methods for child delivery. We paid just over 3.5 million for the whole thing which would be more than 12 million at the local Hospital (Permata or Melia) for what? they charge more for the same medicines etc and the quality of food in Hospitals is poorer. Also the local Clinic is more user friendly in the process for registering the birth with the Keluhiran - Kecamatan and Catatan Sipil.


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              Wa'alaikum salam..
              first of all congrats!!
              well, as for giving birth you should pay attention for
              1. the hospital, you should pick hospital whom not giving formula to the newborn baby, some hospital are sponsored (supply) by formula milk. my besties gave birth in RSIA Asri and the other one is in RSIA Asih which is in south of jakarta, the hospital have policy to NOT giving the formula to the babies born there without the legal approval from their parents.

              2. the OBGYN, pick the obstetricians whom not push you to do c sect as its last option when its necessary, as my besties went for waterbirth with her doctor dr. T. Otamar Samsudin, Sp.OG at that hospital

              3. pediatrician
              make sure you have a good pediatrician to check on your baby once she or he born. especially on the first 4 days since the baby born for the Bilirubin observation

              before you pick those 3 factor you should do a research in several hospitals, doctors before you make up your mind. ask a lot of question, discuss this with friends or relatives who have been in this situation
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                Most Indoensian private Hospitals quite obviously adopt a commercial approach, so if they can push you into something you dont want or is not necessary for your pregnancy and birth of the baby (this is on the whole health issue and not just to do with pregnancy) then they will push you for sure and they wont consider the practice in any way unscrupulous. Everyone wants the best for their new born child but why pay over the odds for it and why ignore what is perfectly good medical service from a qualified midwife and doctor at a reputable Clinic where the level of care to you and your newborn baby is more attentive than at any hospital. If you antiicpate Caesarian or other complications, then i would concur with the Hospital option but if the pregnancy is a normal one and you anticipate a normal delivery, a reputable local Clinic will not let you down and thew costs of the medicines and the innoculations etc are a fraction of the exortionate prices charged by the big Hospitals like Melia and Mitra Keluarga and Pondok Indah


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                  But can they give you an epidural at the local clinic? You might not want one but it is comforting to know that if you change your mind, you still have the option.


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                    Dont underestimate what a local clinic can or cannot do for you during your pregnancy and dont conclude because your budget and morals permit that you can and should have your baby delivered at a Hospital where you would expect the overall service to be more complete than at a Clinic. If the Clinic can perform a Caesarian, then why should a Clinic not be equipped to provide an Epidural to the lady if it so required?

                    Delivery of the baby would be under supervision of Nursing staff no less able than their coutnerparts at a Hospital and managed and handled by a Midwife with reference to a Doctor if a Doctor is required. In many cases of Normal Pregnancy-Delivery, the Doctor is not required.. I do not say that you should not use a Hospital but just consider the options that a Clinic more conveniently provide.