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Home nursing

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  • Home nursing


    While fundamentally healthy,I am required to take several pills at different time of the day. I also have to check blood sugar, and pressure etc. I hurt my back during my athletic days and have some trouble bending over so a nurse is sometimes helpful to ensure that my pills are sorted, make sure I check my system and help cleaning my feet and legs which is absolutely necessary for someone who is a diabetic or a pre diabetic.

    My question: I have health insurance that will pay for nursing support. However, in Mexico I could not get a nurse because my insurance company requires that the nurse has a direct written contract with me. Nurses did not want to have a contract and preferred to be paid directly to avoid fisc etc.

    Are there companies out there that not only provide nurses but also formalize a relationship... thank you....
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    call one of these numbers: 021 -68766056 ; 081317920001 ; 08118886844. It's Ozora Home Care.

    I searched it on the internet and got the numbers. I have no relationship with the entity, btw.


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      i am looking for home nurse for my mother...please can anyone suggest me


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        Well annie you can easily get lots of nursing institutions online and you can get all information regarding payment and other specifications easily which will make you decide which is the most affordable among all...Well Ozora Home care is one of the best i know and the member above had already given its numbers..So you can call them and ask what ever you want...
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          nursing home, home care

          i am looking for nursing home/ home care in jakarta, Anyone care to share if there is any reputable and big private nursing homes or home care in Indonesia??