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Indonesia , A Very Religious Country

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  • Indonesia , A Very Religious Country

    From (31 July 2020)
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Indonesia ranks among most religious countries in Pew study
    By : Made Anthony Iswara

    [... Nearly all Indonesian respondents (96 percent) surveyed stated that belief in God was necessary to be moral and have good values, revealed the Pew Research Center's "The Global God Divide" report, published on July 20.

    The results of the survey, which covered 34 countries, places Indonesia alongside the Philippines as the two countries with the highest percentage of citizens (96 percent) who equate belief in God with having good values.

    Most Indonesians also deemed religion, God and prayer to be an important part of their lives, at respectively 98 percent, 91 percent and 95 percent of respondents.

    "Over time, the importance of religion in Indonesia has not changed, ..." .. Pew associate director .. told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

    Wahid Foundation researcher Alamsyah M. Djafar suggested that the government's move to formalize religion may have bolstered Indonesians' high level of religiosity ...
    Other factors like economic inequality, the politicization of religion and wide-ranging uncertainties across various sectors may have also contributed ...

    But Alamsyah also pointed out that intolerance remained prevalent in the country.
    He criticized a 2006 decree that made it difficult for minority religions to build places of worship ... also said that local administrations had been inconsistent in supporting minority religions that could not meet the decree's requirements.

    Experts have also previously condemned the draconian 1965 Blasphemy Law that privileged the Muslim majority over religious minorities, as well as discriminative regional bylaws that provide justification for religious intolerance ...]
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