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  • What language to learn?

    Hi everybody, I was wondering what language would serve me best to learn for living in Indonesia? As there are over 500 across the islands I thought it best to ask which one would be the most universal and would help in day to day life, a quick google says Malay but I know better than to trust that without checking! I plan to work and base myself on the island of Sumatra if that changes the response. Thanks for any help, Ozzy

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    The national language is called "bahasa Indonesia" (Indonesian language , which is theoretically the same used in Malaysia) , so by speaking it you can probably communicate with Indonesians anywhere . But many locals prefer to speak in their local language and/or mix local words with bahasa Indonesia .


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      Thank you, I always like to brush up to at least a basic conversational level of the language of wherever I am going. I guess that'll be a bit trickier here but all the more interesting for it.


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        You can use Indonesian, please access in the Google dictionary.
        And welcome to Sumatra, I'm from Sumatra.