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Cost of cars, Should I rent, lease or buy?

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  • Cost of cars, Should I rent, lease or buy?

    Hi everybody, As I intend on being in Indonesia for 10+ months at least I am assuming it'll be in my interest to have a car, I am curious as to what the best option for me is and what the reliability and cost of cars are in Indonesia. I like the idea of having my own transport to get myself around and allow myself to adventure on my own terms in my free time. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ozzy

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    I guess the cheapest new car (a small 1'000 cc sedan) is around Rp100 million , 1USD is around Rp14'100 now) , reliable enough . Be advised that many people here don't obbey the traffic rules , so I would not recommend foreigners to start driving here before some months of experience of the local practices (in Indonesia , if you get in an accident , the driver/owner of the involved car will always have to pay all costs of damages/hospital for the involved pedestrians or motorcycle's driver/passanger(s) , regardless of who is/are wrong) .
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      Thank you that's very helpful, do they have lease type plans or can you only buy outright?


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        I know that Indonesians can buy paying a small percentage and the rest in monthly installments , but I don't know if foreigners are eligible too .


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          Want to rent a car? i have toyota avanza year 2017
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            My advice is that you should rent a vehicle from a vehicle rental company, along with the driver. But usually you will be charged more. But in terms of security will be good for you.
            If you want to have your own car, it's a good idea to buy a used car with cash payments with a familiar brand in Indonesia. Thus when you have to leave Indonesia, you will be able to sell the car easily at a competitive price. Suggestions for familiar brands are Toyota and Daihatsu.
            Credit purchases may be difficult in relation to your nationality, if there is a guarantor or you use the name of another person / Indonesian citizen to conduct credit sale and purchase transactions.
            If you decide to drive the car yourself, my advice in the first 3 months it is better for you to use the services of a driver so that you first know the region in your area and the procedures for traffic in Indonesia.