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need help with giftshop that delivers

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  • need help with giftshop that delivers

    hi, long story short. my boyfriend lives in malang while i live in europe. i would like to send him a gift but its to expensive to send it from here to indonesia . so i am looking for a giftshop and bakery that can deliver my order to his house. most shops that i find are only in indonesian wich i can not talk . anyone who can help?

    greeting amelie

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    Hi Amelie , it is very easy to do that if you have a credit card . Check at the Indonesian based online shopping plataforms below (it is safer in those plataforms because you can check the delivery process and if the product is not delivered at the sheduled date or the product has a defect click "Batalkan Pesanan" (Cancel Order) , but be careful to cancel as quick as possible after the plataform states the product was delivered , otherwise they don't give your money back (maybe within 1 or 2 days) .

    Those plataforms also sell cakes but I don't know about the quality . I f you are not happy with them you can search the internet for something like : jual kue bolu online (but if you buy directly from the bakery you will not have guarantee of money back in case of a problem) .

    Online Shopping :

    Poster's Note : I personally already used Shopee , Bukalapak , and Lazada many times without problem (except once when I didn't click "Batalkan" in time after receiving a wrong product) . In the plataforms you sometimes can search a product by its English name , but maybe it would be better using the Indonesian name (you can use Google Translate to translate) . Be informed that when the price is too low , the product is not original (I already bought many non-original and original refurbished products , all of them work normally although the quality (except the refurbished ones) is not that good , obviously) .
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