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  • How many of us ?

    Hi guys, i have a bit of a strange question : How many expats / foreigners live in Indonesia ? Approximately ? I understand its impossible to say exactly how many but some kind of estimate ? And of course, some of us, like me, live here only part of the year.....but still, anybody has a clue ?
    Thank you, appreciate any answers.....

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    Below are different information about foreign workers . The Immigration website has a page to search the numbers of Stay Permits in a specific month , but it is not working .

    So those numbers refer to foreigners legally working here . To that you need to add foreigners :
    - living here with KITAS/KITAP but not working (retired foreigners , foreigners married with Indonesians , ex-Indonesians , students , ..)
    - working illegally
    - living here with short visas

    I would guess that the above would add some 35% (??) to the foreign worker numbers below .


    [... Since 2014-2018, the number of foreign workers in Indonesia has grown by 38.6% ... In December 2018, there were more than 95 thousand foreigners working in Indonesia ...]

    -------------------------------------- , Jun 2018
    [... Indonesia, a country of 260 million people, currently has about 126,000 working Asian and Western expatriates ...]

    [ ... 346'000 immigrants in Indonesia in 2017 (including refugees) ...]
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      I was last week in Jakarta in my embassy ( getting legalised marriage finally after two years) and from Czech Republic we havecan almost 500 citizens legally living in Indonesia (only Kitas/kitap counts) as they can't count people extending VOA