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  • Airport Security/Theft ~

    I would appreciate any tips on navigating airport security with cash. Normally to avoid theft, I put it in a moneybelt in the bottom of my carryon, go through security, go to a restroom and put the moneybelt back on under clothing. Is this a good idea when going through airport security at DPS and LBJ? Any tips will be appreciated.

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    Why not leave the the usd in your wallet ? no issue


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      Originally posted by cochise1 View Post
      ... Is this a good idea when going through airport security at DPS and LBJ?

      I also use a money belt (made with thin cloth) that I use in my waist hidden beneath/inside my trouser , every time I travel abroad . I don't carry much but it would make a big volume if in a normal pocket wallet .

      The problem I see is to forget it somewhere (easier to forget it than a wallet inside a trouser's pocket) . I once left it over my house's bed and another time hanging it at the back door of the airport toilet)

      Just be informed that countries usually require travelers to declare (when departing and arriving) if the amount of money is big (in Indonesia the limit is Rp100 million) .
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        I'm mainly concerned about theft while I am passing through the security line/scanner or xray machine at airport. I don't carry a wallet. ~


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          Rubberband it, place in sealed plastic mailer if you are worried, but see no reason why you should be worried.  In over 50 years of extensive travel with large sums of cash I never once had any problems....never!