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How Safe Is Indonesia ?

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  • How Safe Is Indonesia ?

    From , 18 Jun 2018 :

    [The 2018 Global Law and Order report compiled by consultancy Gallup found that Indonesia was among the safest countries in the world, ahead of many developed countries in East Asia and Europe ...
    Singapore is at the top of the Law and Order Index, scoring 97 out of a possible 100, followed by Norway, Iceland, Finland and Uzbekistan. Indonesia ranks 9th with a score of 89, below Switzerland and Canada (both 90) and just above Denmark, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Austria, China, the Netherlands and Egypt (all 88) ...]

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    how safe? well let me tell this. I was going to Sudirman when there was a terrorist attack at Starbucks in early 2016. I did not know there was a mass shooting in front of the Sudirman district. Then because Semangi flyover was blocked, my driver turned around. If I had left earlier, who knows what would happen to me. Either I watched the shooting or I was being shot.

    Then last month in 2018, during the feasting month. After the church bombing in Surabaya, I was on the road around the Kebayoran Lama. When I was near the train station, there was a bomb squad tank on the road blocking the way in. Later I found out, somebody left a suspicious box near the track. But it was just a fake bomb threat.

    I lived in Singapore before for a year. Those things never happened in that country. The gov watches the religion groups closely. Where in Jakarta, groups of islam extremist are doing whatever they want without any "restriction". I wouldn't call Indonesia "SAFE"..... I would call it "guarded".


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      It's safe. Yes we do have extremists, but they're nowhere the rank of terrorists found in Syria, Iran or Pakistan. Even those who consider themselves as hard-line Moslem activists aren't acknowledged by 99% of Moslem population. Most Moslem are actually quite conservative and condemn any act of violence especially terror. I would say the risk of suddenly getting caught in a riot is very much the same as in most countries.
      I'm writing this also in attempt to correct what negative views you and others may have about Moslem. The first thing we say before each prayer are "bismillahirrahmanirrahim" which means "By the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful, real Moslem would express that in their life by being gracious and merciful. So any group who called themselves Moslem but commit unlawful actions are no Moslem and certainly not following Islam's teaching.
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        Indonesia in my view , is generally less friendly than it used to be 15 years ago to foreigners , because of increased radicalization , this varies from area to area of course , bali is still a welcoming place ,in fact its like a different country .


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          Indonesia is safe for expats, locals and visitors. It's important to note that, compared with many places in the world, Indonesia is fairly safe. There are some hassles from the avaricious, but most visitors face many more dangers at home. Petty theft occurs, but it is not prevalent.
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            I wouldn't call Indonesia "SAFE"..... I would call it "guarded".

            Not even that. Basically the things that have been posted about wordly political events, terrorists and such are extremely rare that u will be affected personally and the statistics etc. about all and other issues are not really meaningful as those go for the general much more populous local society among themselves. The most pertinent thing to remember is you as a foreigner have about 99 times the chance of being victim of robbery, pick pocket, scams etc. which are pretty rampant and NOT guarded by any or many police, security etc.


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              Originally posted by dan hayes View Post
              ... The most pertinent thing to remember is you as a foreigner have about 99 times the chance of being victim of robbery, pick pocket, scams etc ...

              I don't know how many times , but yes I agree that foreigners and tourists in general are more targeted than locals . I guess there is a logic in this behavior . Foreigners and tourists in general are richer and more vulnerable than locals .