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Shipping furniture within Indonesia

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  • Shipping furniture within Indonesia

    Dear Expats,

    I saw a similar topic here:

    I have a bed, dining table, closet from Yogyakarta to Jakarta.
    Is there a truck company or a company that works with the train to ship it?

    It is a waste if I just leave it all there.
    Could someone pls give me some contact information?

    Thanks a lot


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    Usually if Big Goods as Bed and Dining Table you can rent Truck to send it to Jakarta, For Train I am not so sure they can make it
    I think the truck now is about 2-3 million rupiah


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      Thanks for the answer. Do you know a reliable one? Do yo have a name phone number of this company?


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        The only experience I have is from buying online . You could check JNE Trucking , which is a branch of JNE (a traditional courier company) that transports things heavier than 10 Kg .
 (JNE Trucking)
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          Their primary service is automobile shipping/cargo, but they have various other shipping services. From a quick glance through their website, it seems like they are pretty major and reliable.


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            You can also search the internet for something like : jasa pindahan rumah di Yogyakarta , jasa pindahan Yogyakarta ke Jakarta , ..

   (mobil Pickup mulai dari Rp 100.000 saja)

   (150Rb Jasa Angkut Jogja : Pindahan Barang Dalam Luar Kota)
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              Using JNE or those similar means is only for small goods not big goods as furniture
              I have a friend who doing this trucking as his business so he know how to handle all the furniture shipping from Yogkyakarta to Jakarta,

              If pick up I can suggest you to do not use it because it is long journey and very risky to load in a pick up, the safest way is using truck

              I have a friend in Kasongan area who sent for me many times doing shipping furnitures from Yogyakarta-Jaakarta and Vice versa , His Name is Hartono

              If you need his service I can connect you to him directly,but unfortunately he can not speak English so if you want you can contact my whatsapp number for more details


              Here is my whatsapp +62 81227848066



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                Originally posted by syaifulmajid View Post
                [U]Using JNE or those similar means is only for small goods not big goods as furniture ...

                I guess JNE Trucking was created exactly for big things , did you already asked about ?


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                  We just moved household goods (90 boxes) and furniture using Kantor Pos Logistics.  For about $700 they moved us using two trucks with no damage or loss from Bali to Yogyakarta.  Highly recommended.