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  • Advice needed !

    Hi !
    I wonder, if there is any Briton who has married Indonesia Lady out there?
    I need some advice or share experience with them, how do they manage their Marriage Certificate or at least Marriage Visa to the UK?
    My fiance is Briton, lives in in UK, I have visited him twice using Tourist Visa during this 6 months and he has been to Indonesia as well (for holidays)
    Appreciate your response.
    Thanks a ton !

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    I suggest you to search the internet , ask your fiance , and post here more detailed questions (where will you marry , for example) . (about UK Visa) (UK Visa information) (how to apply)


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      Hallo Marcus, thank you for your response, when i was in UK, my fiance and I went to city council to get some information. I just wanna learn from others who have got their marriage certificate, surely there are few ways to get it. While for myself, we may marry either in Indo or in UK, depends if Indo Marriage certificate (in Christian way) can be valid or acceptable for UK government. Is why i wanna know more, how or where we should get married. Thank You.


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        Originally posted by ffistanio View Post
        (1) ... I just wanna learn from others who have got their marriage certificate, ...

        (2) depends if Indo Marriage certificate (in Christian way) can be valid or acceptable for UK government ...

        (1) See the link below to know how to marry in Indonesia .

        (2) Probably a marriage in Indonesia is recognized by the UK government . I guess you don't need to worry as In 10 years I didn't see anybody in this Forum who encountered a problem of not having his/her Indonesian marriage recognized abroad . What can happen is that each country ask for a different way to accept the foreign marriage certificate (legalization , or registration in the Embassy , ..) .

        I think that your main problem will be to get a long term UK Visa . For example , I remember one case where an UK citizen married with an Indonesian but could not bring the Indonesian spouse to live in UK because the long term UK visa required the UK citizen to have an income above a certain value .

 (Marriage in Indonesia or how to register a foreign marriage in Indonesia) (prenup/separated wealth if you intend to buy Indonesian property in the future) (dual citizenship for your children - see middle of the page)


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          I would consider getting married in UK if that's available. It will add credibility to a later application for residency in UK ...although UK does recognize all countries marriage certificates.
          A simple Registry Office wedding with witnesses suffices. Your big wedding ceremony could be done later in Indonesia.

          That's what my wife and I did...31 years ago. We had a simple wedding in Hong Kong (British Colony) and the big church wedding with the dress/flowers/drinks/speeches (Indonesian style with 500 guests).... in Jakarta a few days later.
          We still have both certificates but never lived in UK...we both immigrated to Canada instead.
          My wife took Canadian citizenship but lost her Indonesian citizenship.. If you go to UK you might want to consider remaining Indonesian as it gives benefits if you ever return to reside in Indonesia.


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            Hallo guys, thank you very much for your response, another knowledge for me, yes, that's what i thought earlier : to get married in UK would give me a credit when i apply UK visa, i do not want to get UK citizenship, will keep Indonesian citizenship, Like Marcus said, my concern is to get UK visa which i'm aware its difficult, not like other country. We decide to live between 2 countries, UK & Indo. Do you think, I can apply for Tourist Visa all the time if I have got Marriage Certificate from UK registry office? let's say, to live there for 5 or 6 months, then back to Indo for half years, then back again to UK. Appreciate your response on my matter. Thank you so much.


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              I'm not sure what the UK process is these days but they generally want to know if your marriage is a sham to just get you into UK. I'm sure if you produce all the proper documents it will not be a problem...but like all bureaucratic, and civil services.... it may take time and frustration.
              Your to-be husband will also need to get a visa to live in Indonesia for any length of time. He can get a Sosbud sponsored by you or family but, after the first 60 days it needs extending every 30 days up to 6 months, and that can get tedious.
              On a future trip to Indonesia, with him on a Sosbud, I'd investigate getting him a spousal Kitas which lasts a year before needing an extension.


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                Right, yes, they (UK) avoid such 'crime' - paper marriage, i'm also aware of his income need to be certain amount set by the regulations which he is trying to do now onwards, to bring me in to the UK. Yeah, he needs visa too to live in Indo, I get used to take care of legal documentation for expatriates working in my office, more or less i understand a bit the process. Thank you very much & appreciate your kind help to obtain further info on the spousal KITAS Which I've never dealt with, as I always handle 'work visa' for those expats work here. Btw, where is your origin in UK? my fiancee is somewhere nearby Manchester.