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Fridge freezer problems

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  • Fridge freezer problems


    I bought an expensive Samsung Fridge freezer a few years ago but have had to replace the compressor twice ( 2 Juta a shot) The Fridge Technician says it is due to Power Cuts or voltage spikes and an Irregular Mains Electric supply. He said better to buy cheap simple Fridges .
    Anybody had the same experience? Or did you try fitting a Voltage regulator ? Perhaps you can advise on a good Brand/model for the Indonesian power supply

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    Unfortunately I can't provide you with a good answer on that .

    I am already old and never had a fridge problem in my life , but yes , I only had simple fridges .
    Here in Indonesia (Bandung) , in almost 20 years I used many brands without voltage regulator (the brands I remember I used : .. , Toshiba , LG , Sharp - but my ex-wife used to change the fridge from time to time for no reason , so I never used any of them for a long time (more than 5 years each) - I am already 2.5 years with my present old Sharp fridge that my ex-wife brought to replace our newer LG that she took with her when we separated .

    In terms of electric/electronic equipment problems I had , except 3 failed laptop keyboards and some 2 failed very cheap voltage regulators (for computer) : one VCR , one DVD/HDD video recorder , and one 2.1 Speaker/FM radio set , all were software problems .